Top Ten ADHD Talks and Podcasts

This list has been compiled upon consultation of the best-rated and reviewed, as well as most listened and downloaded talks and podcasts on the topic of ADHD on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube. As well as including the most popular options, it incorporates diversity of ADHD experience among the presenters and speakers, in terms of gender, race and age.

ADHD Experts Podcast – Rated 5* on Apple Podcasts

  • ADHD experts answer questions on a variety of subjects from people with ADHD and also parents of children with ADHD.
  • Positive reviews cite the breadth of perspectives included in the 300+ episodes.
  • Episodes cover cognitive behavioural therapy as a means to managing ADHD in adults, reasonable adjustments to make for a pupil or employee working from home, and ADHD and Covid-19-induced anxiety.
  • Episodes are recordings of webinars and you can register to participate.

I have ADHD Podcast – Rated 5* on Apple Podcasts

  • ADHD coach Kristen Carder chats about life with ADHD and how to succeed in spite of it.
  • Positive reviews dub the podcast as “life changing” from the point of view of the techniques covered by Kristen Carder, but also the reassurance she gives more generally across the several dozen episodes available.
  • Episodes cover topics such as ADHD and poor memory, procrastination and self-acceptance.

ADHD for Smart Ass Women with Tracy Otsuka – Rated 5* on Apple Podcasts

  • Tracy Otsuka, along with her guests, presents ADHD as a superpower and gives women with ADHD the coverage that historically only men with ADHD have had.
  • Positive reviews state how Otsuka has helped people make sense of the way their brains work, through both presenting research on ADHD and talking about her own experiences.
  • Episodes cover topics among shame and ADHD, ADHD and nutrition and the differences in presentation between ADHD in men and women.

The Faster Than Normal Podcast – Rated 5* on Apple Podcasts

  • Peter Shankman interviews people in all walks of life on how they have succeeded in spite of their ADHD.
  • Reviews credit Shankman’s book of the same name with signposting the podcast and the inspiration it provides through its short (~15 minutes), interview-based episodes.
  • Episodes feature interviews with the creator of ADHD technologies, a proponent of cannabis for management of ADHD, as well as advocates of using extra energy to build resilience.

Hacking your ADHD – Rated 5* on Apple Podcasts

  • William Curb talks about techniques for unlocking potential after an ADHD diagnosis and takes questions from listeners on various subjects.
  • Reviews praise the structured advice and short episodes (~15 minutes).
  • Multiple episodes over a number of weeks cover a theme such as ‘compassion’ or ‘energy management’

TEDxBratislava: This is what it’s really like to live with ADHD – Jessica McCabe

  • Jessica McCabe has a YouTube channel with over 500k subscribers, dedicated to sharing her experiences living with ADHD.
  • Her Ted talk has over 2 million views on the Ted website and covers the difficulties she experienced surrounding an ADHD diagnosis in her earlier 30s, before she became an educator on the subject of ADHD

TEDxCMU: ADHD as a difference in cognition, not a disorder – Stephen Tonti

  • Stephen Tonti is a director, writer and ADHD advocate with his own coaching and ADHD advocacy company ‘Attention Different’.
  • His Ted talk has over 2 million views on YouTube and dispels the myths about how people with ADHD focus on tasks through his own humorous anecdotes about life in the drama world.

TEDxUSU: ADHD sucks, but not really – Salif Mahamane

  • Salif Mahamane has a PhD in cognitive psychology and is assistant professor in psychology at Western State Colorado University.
  • His Ted talk has over 850k views on YouTube and addresses the issues surrounding ADHD diagnosis, the roots of the condition and alternative ways of framing the condition to allow people living with it to live better.

TEDxQuinnipiacU: Living with ADHD in the age of information and social media – Theo Siggelakis

  • Theo Siggelakis is a Public Policy Analysis graduate who owns a political fundraising business in New Jersey.
  • His Ted talk has over 350k views on YouTube and uses the analogy of hyperlinks and fluid transitions between unrelated topics at the click of a mouse to explain what it is to live with ADHD.

TEDxWVU: Making ADHD your superpower – George Cicci

  • George Cicci works in marketing, brand development and creative strategy in West Virginia.
  • His Ted talk has over 300k views on YouTube and tells the story of his late ADHD diagnosis and how he harnessed the new information to begin a new chapter in his career and wrote a book (‘ADHD Life Hacker: The Four Rules for Success’) about how to do the same.
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