About Us

"The difference between working and not working for those who are or have experienced health issues or have a disability can change a person’s life: how long they live and the quality of their life and opportunity. We are dedicated to making that difference a positive one and tackling the inequalities and barriers that prevent this"

Sian Vernon, Chair, healthandwork.org.uk Tweet

Our mission is to help build a more inclusive and healthier workforce, empowering employers and employees to be health aware and disability confident. 

We believe that work that meets your financial and personal needs should be a universal right, regardless of health issues or disability. Our aim is to help change the fact that too many people with health needs and disabilities who want to work, experience more unemployment, barriers to employment, and discrimination than others. Worklessness can affect how well a person is – both physically and mentally – and can reduce how long they live.  This is a major public heath issue and a priority for all employers. This is also a huge waste of talent and resource for employers. Much of this is unnecessary and can be overcome by some simple changes to the way we think and do things. 

Our aim is to work with you – employers, employees, job seekers, and those with health issues and disabilities – to bring the best of health and work knowledge to as wide an audience as possible. 

Healthandwork.org.uk and our social media channels are for everybody who wants the latest and credible information about health and work issues and want to be more health aware and disability confident. Through daily news updates and thought-provoking, informative content, this is a one-stop knowledge outlet for all your health and work knowledge needs.

Healthandwork.org.uk knowledge products and resources are for all employers – big or small – and health and work suppliers. We work hard with our partners to provide the best knowledge products at the most affordable price to micro-businesses and small-medium enterprises. 

We will constantly find new ways to communicate this knowledge so that everybody can access and engage. We will celebrate best practice, highlight what’s not working and needs to change, and be a vibrant and inclusive forum for discussion and debate so that employment is a path for every person who wants it. 

Our Values

  • We are not-for-profit: all our profits go to provide research and support services to aid employability for those with ill-health or disabilities. 
  • We are diverse and inclusive: in our governance, team, and knowledge creation. 
  • We are accessible: aiming for maximum accessibility to our knowledge and products. 
  • We champion editorial excellence: following best practice in content and editorial standards. 
  • We are innovative: in the way we use technology, develop and disseminate content, and create new products aligned with our mission. 
  • We are affordable: fair prices for those who can afford our products and services, and free knowledge for all. 
  • We are passionate about partnership and collaboration: working with others to further our mission and help theirs. 
  • We strive for excellence: in the way we conduct our business, governance, and operations. 
  • We strived to be the best employer: in the way we look after our people and provide opportunities to those seeking work with disabilities or health needs. 
  • We are challenging: using our voice and our platforms to provoke new thinking about employability and health and work, and to champion others in influencing policy and practice. 
  • We are mainstream: in making our content and products user friendly and accessible to mainstream audiences, not just health and work professionals. 

Our Priorities

  • Bringing the latest health and work news and information to professionals and mainstream audiences (employers, employees, and job seekers). 
  • Facilitate partnership and collaboration between health and work professionals, from employability to HR and occupational health. 
  • Empower employee voice by providing a platform for employees with health issues and disabilities to share their experiences and opinions. 
  • Support employers and employees to be health aware and disability confident through affordable and authoritative toolkits and training. 
  • Match employers, employees and job seekers with the best health and work suppliers and opportunities to meet their needs. 
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