Diversity & Inclusion Training


Diversity and Inclusion is a priority for all organsiations. Our expert trainers provide a thorough understanding of diversity and inclusion issues and equips you to tackle them proactively. 

Unconscious Bias Training - £40+vat per person or £400+vat in-house

This 3-hour course is an essential understanding for employers and employees on how unconscious bias manifests in the workplace and how to recognise this and tackle it. Through tested and successful methods of tackling unconscious bias, employers and employees will be able to recognise unconscious bias, take positive steps to address it, and help foster a diverse and inclusive workplace with confidence. This course also addresses the nature of anti-racist behaviour and how to be proactively anti-racist. 

Race, Faith, and Diversity Awareness Training - £60+vat per person or £600+vat in-house

This one-day course is essential training for leaders, managers, human resource, and diversity and inclusion professionals. Race and belief are two of the protected characteristics protected against discrimination under The Equality Act 2010. These are critical priorities for all employers to fully understand and address through proactive steps in the workplace. Specifically, this training focusses on the specific needs and examples of discrimination facing Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic people, and those with religious beliefs in the workplace.

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